We want Spider-Man back !! Want Spidey to stay in the MCU | Tom Holland

Spiderman, mcu, worldtamilrockers
Spiderman, mcu, worldtamilrockers

Although Spider-Man does not want to leave and leave Mr. Stark and company, Disney has not reached an agreement with Sony so that both studios make new films of the character which would leave out “Peter Parker” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) .

The problem is not due to the results of the latest version, starring Tom Holland, in fact, both the actor and the story enjoyed a good acceptance by the public since its first appearance and continued to grow until the last feature film, “Far from Home“.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are armed in different ways with the Spider-Man franchise. Marvel actors are right behind them.

Avenger Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkery, voiced his support for keeping Spider-Man on social media, currently played in the franchise by Tom Holland.

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So, who owns Spider-Man?

Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most successful characters, created in the 1960s by the company’s legendary writer and editor Stan Lee.
But Marvel Studios, the arm of the company producing its films, does not own its film rights.
That’s because Marvel put those for sale in the 1980s when superhero movies were definitely not moneylenders which they are today. The film’s rights to the character changed shortly after it was allegedly bought by Sony in 1999 for $ 7 million.
“Spider-Man,” played by Tobe Maguire in 2002, quickly became a huge success at the box office for Sony, and arguably inspired Marvel to enter the superhero flick game.

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