Ramayan Song Meaning Hum Katha Sunaate Ram Song | हम कथा सुनाते राम सकल गुणधाम की


Hum Katha Sunaate Ram Song Meaning

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हम कथा सुनाते राम सकल गुणधाम की | Hum katha sunate ram sakal gun dham ki lyrics |

The story of Rama
Om, obeisances to Shree Ganesh together with Riddhi and Siddhi.
Om, obeisances with Shivani to the One, who is Truth, Auspiciousness, and Beauty.
Respectfully greeting the king, the gurus, the subjects and all others,
We invoke Ma Sharda, who plays Veena, to bless us
With impeccable pronunciations and voice melodious.


Humbly bowing to all,
Taking permission from all,
Luv and Kush played tuneful notes on a musical string;
The sacred story of Ram they began to sing:-

We recite the story of virtue-embodied Ram.
We recite the story of virtue-embodied Ram.
This is Ramayan, the sacred story of Sri Ram.

All those in Rambhadra’s family,
They walk their talk and live so righteously.
Hear their story
From the sacred land of Ayodhya city.

This is where the best among men was born.
This is where the best among men was born.
This is Ramayan, the sacred story of Sri Ram.
This is Ramayan, the sacred story of Sri Ram.

It was the ninth day of the bright half of Chaitra.
In mid-day, Ram was born to Kaushalya.
In the form of Kaushalya’s son
Appeared Hari, the Lord, full of compassion.

The brothers of Ram, who were born.
As Bharat, Laxman, Shatrughan they came to be known.
In a short time under guru Vashishth’s tutelage
The four brothers gained all knowledge.

The great sage Vishwamitra came by
To ask for the apple of Dashrath’s eye,
“To complete my ritual chores
I need Ram and Laxman, the sons of yours.”

We tell the story of the best among men, the abode of virtue.
This is Ramayan, the sacred story of Sri Ram.

Filling arrows in quivers and causing all hearts to grieve,
With Vishwamitra Laxman and Raghuveer set out to leave.

Firstly, Ram did Tadka’s slaughter.
The muni’s ashram he looked after.

With an arrow without pointed head he hit Mareech demon,
Who fell across the sea, crossing yojanas seven.

Removing, with a touch of his feet, the curse on Ahalya,
The Lord reached Janak’s land having bathed in Ganga.

This is Sita’s grand swayamvar.
This is Sita’s grand swayamvar.
All eyes see Ram as the best suitor.
This is Sita’s grand swayamvar.

Courtiers read the tough condition, king Janak has ordained:
Whoever breaks Shiv’s bow will win Sita’s hand.

When Vishwamitra’s signal he saw,
Easily Ram lifted the bow.
It was noticed by no one.
When exactly was the bow broken?

Like a vine around a tree,
Sita decorated Ram’s neck with a garland of victory.
Beautiful, eternal, and unique is this couple.
Any comparison will be so little.

Story of Sita’s Plight:

She goes to the river to fetch water.
Watery are her eyes full of despair.
She chops wood and winnows grain.
Smilingly she bears though fate gives her so much pain.
Sandwiched between duty and emotion,
She suffers without raising any objection.
Amidst all these, she imparts her sons’ knowledge
In culture, self-dependency, self-respect and courage.
She observes fasts, performs rituals and prayers.
It is Ram’s name that she always remembers.
Whose heart-piercing comments hurt mother,
They also always get best wishes from her.


The world is a boat and she is its rower’s wife.
But she herself rows the boat of her life.
Disillusioned people only make comments.
They do not care what happens now or at later moments.

Then she lived in the forest as Ramji’s companion.
Now she spends her days in the forest on Ram’s decision.

She does selfless service and is wholly virtuous;
Bhagvati Sita is the mother of ours.

We Luv and Kush are Raghukul’s future.
Sri Ram is our worshipable father.

We are blessed to be at these feet here,


To have sung Ramayan when Ram is near.
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