Joji Malayalam Movie Review 2021

Top-rated Crime-Thriller Movie Inspired from Macbeth | Greed Kills Humanity. 

Joji Malayalam Movie Inspired from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. 

Joji Malayalam Movie starring Fahadh Faasil Review

What a remarkable Suspense Thriller Soaked In Layers Of Pathos And Greed and Grief

The actors, screenplay, direction and even the background scores are so in tune with the general tone of the film that it’s impossible not to be gripped by this world.

Joji Malayalam Movie Official Trailer

Joji is a Malayalam language crime drama film directed by #DileeshPothan and written by Syam Pushkarana.

Director of Photography Shyju Khalid, Music is composed by Justin Varghese who contributes a beautifully melancholic score. It’s played one on the orchestra and then again on the piano. It’s absolutely wonderful and it underlines the melancholy in the movie.

Based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the film is produced by Bhavana Studios, in association with Working Class Hero and #FahadhFaasil and Friends company.

Fahadh Faasil plays the character, while Baburaj, Shammi Thilakan, and Unnimaya Prasad play other pivotal roles. 

Macbeth is one of my favourite Shakespeare’s play. It’s one of his most human play. 

It shows what happens when a good man is tempted by greed and ambition and he turns bad and he sometimes it’s easy to project yourself into the character into Macbeth and say. 

If I were in his position would I do these things? If I were promised all these great things would I do these things or would I still renate my inner goodness?

It’s a self-doubting question that Macbeth poses in the guise of an action adventure. Vishal Bharadwaj made Maqbool, Akira Kurosawa made Throne of Blood. When these filmmakers made movies inspired by Macbeth, they stuck very closely to the plot. 

Fahadh Faasil Joji

Fahadh Faasil, who is the youngest son of a rich plantation family who dreams of being super wealthy NRI. He is the second of the three sons of a rich plantation owner.

Joji is an amoral man, more like feeble; good for nothing fellow – “second piece” as his father calls him. Being the rich family in the village it’s always believed that people talk about them, spreading rumours which are not always true. Which becomes an important plot point to shield the crime.

The contrast between Fahadh and his father is amazing. They are exactly opposite in terms of physical appearance and personality-wise. You get the feeling of one been a tyrant and another one an oppressed person.

Instead of being motivated by greed and ambition is what is certainly in this movie. This Macbeth is also motivated by the fact that he just wants to get even with this kind of father who’s been suppressing him all his life.

There are many lovely touches in the movie. 

Kuttappan PK, played by a superb PN Sunny, is a formidable patriarch who controls his domain with an iron fist. Our first visual of him is doing pull-ups, suspending his sturdy body in mid-air.

A little later, he extricates a valve stuck in mud in a pond – a job that three men before him tried to do together and failed. Kuttappan is a poster boy for toxic masculinity. He equates manhood with physical strength and is horrifically abusive to his sons. The eldest Jomon – a terrific performance by Baburaj – is a divorced alcoholic. The middle Jaison camouflages his rage and claustrophobia and dutifully handles the accounting of their vast estate.

And Joji, an engineering dropout, concocts fanciful plots to get rich but spends most of the day lolling around. 

Early in the film, Kuttappan presses down hard on his chest and calls him a second-rate loser.  He instructs Joji to, ‘eat, shit and never complain.’  His family fears his draconian hold over them. And then… he falls almost fatally.

That’s when the movie turns dark.

I won’t give any spoilers, but the ride gets interesting.

Unnimaya Prasad is another standout performance as the disgruntled daughter-in-law Bincy.

In fact, she is almost an ally of Joji, many times acting as a catalyst in his changes. A very understated nuanced essaying.

She seems to be driven not so much by greed as a desire for freedom from the tyranny of Kuttappan. You get the feeling that Bincy, who is smarter than the men around her, simply wants an opportunity to breathe.

The script faithfully follows the dramatic principle of ‘Chekov’s Gun’ that an air gun is introduced in the first act, it must go off in the third.

The film begins with a courier boy carrying a package to the estate. As the opening titles roll, we see how far he has to travel to deliver his order. Must really appreciate the visual and rich imagery of rubber plantations. We also see Jomon’s son Poppy, waiting eagerly to receive it. Within a few minutes, Dileesh expertly establishes the spaces of their house and an understated dread.

We instinctively understand that this home, literally and metaphorically, lies outside the purview of civilization.  Anything is possible here.

Joji’s motives are more complex. With every film, Dileesh and Syam seem to be reimagining Fahadh in more twisted and psychopathic or you can say psychosocial ways. It’s intense and nerve gripping. 

The locales are brilliantly shot and quirkily composed. The interiors tell a unique story too like it’s frozen since the time that the family was smaller. Clearly, a man’s den. 

You can feel the oppression of Bincy and her utter irrelevance in any of the family’s decisions. No feminine touch seems allowed. The house is large but almost sterile… so complete is Kuttappan’s control over his world.

Hence, the verdant greenery around offers relief to its characters, and us as well. An escape. 

Dollops of realism are served with a side of really surprising lead-ins to scenes… like the ethereal, very ‘naadan’ countryside is jagged with the arrival of a gun that turns out be an air gun which turns out to be just a toy which turns out to be… so much more. Anything that comes in close range is always dangerous. 

Or the firecrackers blasting alongside a funeral procession. 

Or the mention of a mask in the most startling of places. The micro-level nuances are all in place.

Greed Thrills, But Kills Humanity
Greed Thrills, But Kills Humanity…

Here’s another interesting touch to the film, It plays like a criminal who has committed one crime and then has to keep committing other criminal acts in order to hide that first crime and that is what actually Macbeth is If you take away all the supernatural elements and other kinds of things.

The other touch is the presence of Christianity and the importance of society in this whole thing which was not really explored in either of Shakespeare’s plays or any of the other adaptations. 

Faasil makes the most of his weak, silly Joji, whose craftiness is not enough to save him from his sins. A newly arrived parish priest (Joseph) who presides over the old man’s funeral senses the unease in the house, which starts emptying of light as we go along.

Did the sinner get his just desserts? Or was he just a victim of his circumstances? And who really is the victim? The man who is killed, or the man who kills?

These are storytellers who know their craft, and they know not to spoon-feed us: we, the viewers, get to decide.

Eyes Don't Lies
Eyes Don’t Lies

Ultimately, Joji is a character study at its core – an exploration of dissatisfaction and drive, and the lengths to which humans will go for that elusive thing known as a better life. 

The climax will make a chill down your spine. The ending is ambiguous because that is the way life is. 

“As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering,”

says Rusty Eric, 

Definitely a movie you shouldn’t miss, toward the end, the plot gets too hard to digest but this tale of greed and guilt, crime, and punishment will stay with you.

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